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Katie’s introduction to photography came as a gift from her mother, in the form of a camera.  Her love turned into a career when she worked as a photojournalist, a sports photographer, and as a print marketer over a span of 5 years.

Michael Slovis’ work on AMC’s “Breaking Bad”, captured Katie’s imagination and in 2014, she moved to LA to pursue a future in film.  She graduated from Cal State Northridge with a degree in film and an emphasis in cinematography, while working in the industry as a first AC and camera operator.

Through an internship program, Katie was fortunate to find an avenue through Sony Electronics that helps keep her up-to-date with cinema and broadcast technologies while helping support, train and teach on Sony cameras such as the F65, F55 and most recently the Venice. When Katie is not on set as a DOP, she works as a camera support engineer with Sony.

After school, she continued to work in camera for shows and features but eventually moved into lighting to bolster her communications skills with her grip and electric crew. In 2016, she found that she loved working with lights and electricity and began working as a gaffer and continues to do so, while also working as a Director of Photography.

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